Articles and notes written by our team about our experience using the open source Redis database.

  1. Redis Data Structures, 2021 An overview of all built-in data structures, and their common uses.
  2. Timeseries in Redis with Streams (Node) / (Ruby)
    A fast guide to the simple parts of Streams using ioredis for Node.
  3. Redis Pub/Sub: Overview Guide
    A high-level overview to pub/sub for scaling message distribution.
  4. Redis Pub/Sub: Howto Guide
    Code samples and guide to Redis pub/sub using Node.js.
  5. Lua: A Guide for Redis Users
    Using Lua to supercharge Redis.
  6. Connectivity Troubleshooting
    Having trouble connecting to your Redis server?
  7. "Missing" Keys on Redis Replicas
    Is your Redis replica missing keys? Probably not. Read on to find out why.
  8. Deleting Large Objects from Redis
    Delete large objects of all types efficiently.
  9. "Getaddrinfo: Name or service not known" with Redis
    A common problem with Redis resolving private network addresses.

Monitoring Help

Using our monitoring services with your own Redis server.

  1. Securing your Memetria Monitor
    How to securely use Memetria Monitoring with your own Redis host.
  2. Resque Dashboard
    How to use the free Resque dashboard with your Memetria Monitor.
  3. "Unreachable" Troubleshooting
    Is Memetria reporting your database as "unreachable"?

Learn the open source Redis protocol

  1. A Beginner's Guide to the Redis Protocol
    A gentle introduction to RESP - the REdis Serialization Protocol.
  2. Reading and Writing Redis Protocol in Go
    Learn how the Redis Serialization Protocol works by implementing a simple reader and writer in Go.

Product Updates

For Memetria product updates and other announcements, see our Changelog.

Lua Script Library

Public domain Lua scripts for your use or reference.

  1. hgetsmembers
    Look up the contents of a Set in a Hash
  2. hincrbyex
    Increment a value in a hash only if it exists
  3. hmsetnx
    Set multiple values of a hash only if the key does not exist
  4. incrbyex
    Increment a value only if it exists
  5. ratelimit
    Simple rate limiter
  6. runningavg
    Keep a running calculation of the average value of a series
  7. sismembermulti
    Check for membership in any number of sets.
  8. smemhashes
    Gets the contents of all the Hashes whose keys are in a Set
  9. zpop
    Removes and returns the top value in a zset, with its score.

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Special thanks to Aaron Blohowiak for letting us give some new life to the scripts from his old EVALSHA site.