Redis-Specific Monitoring

Memetria Monitoring for Redis™* visualizes the health, performance, and memory usage of your Redis database.

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Including: Memory Analysis Tools

Are you spending too much on memory? Do you know why your memory usage is growing? Memetria Monitoring can answer those questions!

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Redis-Specific Monitoring

We've baked our years of experience running large Redis installations in to Memetria Monitoring for Redis. If your Redis server isn't performing perfectly, Memetria will tell you why.

Every Command, Analyzed

Memetria tracks the performance of every command your server runs, allowing you to quickly pinpoint problematic usage patterns before they impact your application.

Help When You Need It

If you're having trouble or need help getting the most out of Redis, our team of engineers can help you out. We've seen it all.

No Assembly Required

All you need to use Memetria Monitoring for Redis is a working Redis URL — there's no software to install, configure, and manage.


Memetria Monitoring for Redis is built with the same monitoring infrastructure that powers Memetria's fleet of servers and is tuned to have virtually no impact on your server.

Resque Web Built-In

Don't worry about installing and maintaining Resque Web — Memetria Monitoring for Redis hosts it for you. We even support Resque Scheduler.

We recommend using EC2 Security Groups to secure access to your Redis server. Read more here.