Lua Script Library

Public domain Lua scripts for your use or reference.

  1. hgetsmembers
    Look up the contents of a Set in a Hash
  2. hincrbyex
    Increment a value in a hash only if it exists
  3. hmsetnx
    Set multiple values of a hash only if the key does not exist
  4. incrbyex
    Increment a value only if it exists
  5. ratelimit
    Simple rate limiter
  6. runningavg
    Keep a running calculation of the average value of a series
  7. sismembermulti
    Check for membership in any number of sets.
  8. smemhashes
    Gets the contents of all the Hashes whose keys are in a Set
  9. zpop
    Removes and returns the top value in a zset, with its score.

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Special thanks to Aaron Blohowiak for letting us give some new life to the scripts from his old EVALSHA site.